Buggernation Street Annual 1975

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Buggernation Street Annual 1975

Buggernation Street Annual 1975

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The other storyline sees Deirdre coaxed into a career ‘on the game’ as Billy Walker morphs seamlessly from boyfriend to pimp.

Many old videos YT blocked have received no such trouble when uploaded there, so it’s good to have it as an alternative. Meanwhile, Billy encounters Deirdre’s eccentric Auntie Renee as he incurs his mother’s displeasure by associating with the ‘rancid, specky slut’. This is what happens when you ridicule and poke fun at the tiny moral minority who control all means of mass communication. Alan is on a week’s release from the loony bin, but Elsie refuses to be seen in public with him at a bonfire event.Anyone would think the creator was some sort of hardcore pornographer rather than a satirist and producer of comedic videos for a specified adult audience.

Unfortunately, I can’t do anything on YT – can’t even comment on or like anyone else’s video or subscribe to them, can’t even see comments at all on videos now; and all the comments I myself made on other people’s videos will have vanished like they were never there. A campaign to get the show taken off the air began the day after the pilot episode was broadcast, but Granada milked and ignored the outrage in equal measure, arguing so few people were watching that they may as well leave it where it was - whilst simultaneously promoting the programme by ensuring Peter Adamson (AKA Len Fairclough) was present at the premiere of every new Mary Millington movie as well as carrying out public functions such as opening the children’s pool of Salford Baths in 1974.

This is a clever reflection of the actual terraced street where the characters reside, which itself hasn't changed since it was built during the late Victorian era. Next door to the Rovers is the home of Albert Tatlock, the original grumpy old man who fought in every great historical British military conflict from the Battle of Hastings onwards. Unfortunately, the history that shazza made with this brief comment on the most recent instalment of ‘Buggernation Street’ is a history that has been erased from the books, for Sillycunt Valley’s very own Ministry of Truth has excised yours truly from the platform as of late Wednesday evening. Annie is a snooty widow who nevertheless craves a vibrator to enliven lonely evenings; her son Billy is a pimp who runs several brothels in Accrington, but has persuaded his girlfriend Deirdre Hunt to work on the streets of Weatherfield, a move that proves to be a profitable venture for both of them. Hilda is the street's resident nosy old bag, though husband Stan's attempts to photograph her for Reader's Wives and Hilda's role as the neighbourhood abortionist hardly marks her out as a moral voice in the wilderness.

Bookie Dave Smith tries to do a good deed by offering his services as a gigolo free of charge to Ena and Minnie, both of whom reject the offer, whilst Hilda announces she and Stan will be holding a ‘sex party’ the following week. Ernie’s reactivated libido courtesy of his stick-on beard gives Emily concern that he might not be the safest pair of hands entrusted with Lucille and Lorraine’s go-go promotional shoot; Albert, meanwhile, is as envious of Ernie as Irma is of Elsie, having finally encountered (and flirted with) Alan. Lucille does her best to act as peacekeeper between Elsie and Alan during Sunday dinner, though her role as Elsie’s conscience backfires when Hilda is belatedly made aware of Elsie’s role in Stan’s misdiagnosed premature defecation.The residents of the street have no choice but to participate in a training exercise to see how the police would cope in the event of a bomb scare; they are evacuated to the community centre, assured it’s merely a dummy run even though Hilda is convinced it’s a cover for a real bomb planted by ‘Barbara Meinhof’. Ernie and Emily’s latest brainwave to solve Ernie’s impotence is surgery, but it’s not available on the NHS, so they stage a money-raising benefit at Bessie Street School without success. Jerry is Len's lodger and works with him at the builder's yard, a role also filled by Ray Langton, a Jack-the-lad character who hired Deirdre Hunt to be the firm's secretary, even though he regularly ribs her about her parallel career as a prostitute. Luckily for Len, the leading magistrate is a fellow member of Weatherfield Satanic Abuse Society and he gets off. Elsewhere, Billy confesses to Deirdre that he’s a transvestite, confidential information she immediately passes on to Ray Langton; and Len takes Rita Littlewood on a ‘double date’ with Elsie Tanner and Alan Howard.

The residents of the street mark Bank Holiday in their own distinctive ways: Len takes Rita to Old Trafford for the Ashes test match, Hilda watches the test card, Minnie pretends her backyard is the seaside, and Ena organises an event at the community centre, booking a ‘turn’ whose identity she won’t reveal - much to the annoyance of Albert Tatlock. However, this time round it’s not Bet’s dubious past that comes back to haunt proceedings, but Eddie’s.Meanwhile, Ken fails to impress his missus yet again and Bet struggles to cope at the Rovers when Billy is back at the bookies. The first episode proper once Granada had given the go-ahead for a regular series, this one sees Len Fairclough attempting to bribe various residents to provide him with an alibi as he prepares to embark upon one of his ‘swimming lessons’ down at Weatherfield Baths. Fairclough and Langton then swiftly relocate to the Rovers, where the redecoration is in full swing in time for the festive season - one that it looks as if Albert will be celebrating on his own with a tin of pork luncheon meat for company. Ken, on the other hand, is more preoccupied with Albert’s denial over ownership re the log in the bog. The Street is emptied of residents following a suspected gas-leak, but the stink from the drains turns out to be a discarded blow-up doll dumped by Len months before.

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