Culdcept Revolt (Nintendo 3DS)

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Culdcept Revolt (Nintendo 3DS)

Culdcept Revolt (Nintendo 3DS)

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With a likable cast of characters, interesting story and a wide variety of cards to create unique decks, Culdcept Revolt has a good premise that doesn’t pay off quite as well as intended. If anything, the game can move too slowly at times, especially as you wait on multiple AI characters to finish their turns. We don’t share your credit card details with third-party sellers, and we don’t sell your information to others. Allen, the game's protagonist, is found unconscious and with amnesia on the streets of Celphas, a medieval-styled city, by Alicia, the leader of the Free Bats, a resistance group that opposes the city's ruler, Count Kraniss.

These are special dragon creatures that 'age' through use, allowing you to level them up and partially customise each card to suit your needs. Allen realizes that they were being manipulated into opposing each other by one of their supposed servants.

The spell cards can damage, buff or debuff monsters as appropriate as well as force specific dice rolls or draw additional cards, though “decking out” a player (having them use all their cards) just reshuffles them back into the deck. UPDATE***I firmly believe someone is deliberately trying to tank the score for this game by leaving 1 or 2 point scores with no review. It successfully takes a couple of different approaches to traditional board and card games, and fuses them into something that you can spend a lot of time learning to master, and feeling really good about yourself as you do. For local play you have total control over the game, and can choose from a number of customisation options.

There are still some weird quirks of course, with the sudden arrival of a cowboy character early on being a jarring example, and the fact that your evil-doing opponents frequently give you kindly advice about the current map, without any ulterior motive or smarmy attitude whatsoever. Culdcept gives you access to the entire set of cards without need for DLC (once you unlock them), and lets you play around building different decks to beat the game in your own way. I couldn't resist-especially considering how much I love my 3DS and the notion of a portable fantasy card game was just too enticing to ignore.As the Culdcept series celebrates its 20th anniversary, the addictive card game-meets-board game arrives in Europe for the first time, with hundreds of new cards, inventive boards and exciting multiplayer!

The game does an effective job of making you dislike your rivals, so it's strange to receive helpful tidbits of information from them before charging into battle. This would have been excellent if it had released BEFORE I'd gotten into other digital card games and a slosher-load of other big-screen games! Culdcept Revolt tries its best to combine classic board and card games, but the execution is lacking in more complex strategies, making players feel as though they’re not building towards a strong end goal. While we could go beyond this simplified abbreviation and detail just how each facet of gameplay works, or share our top secret strategies (fat chance), it would be a disservice to Revolt itself, which does a wonderful job of easing the player in slowly but surely.Outside of the campaign you can set up customisable single matches for fun or practice against AI opponents, who can display surprising tactical intelligence, as well as comment on specific events within that particular game. Well, I made my dollar vote anyway because I'm a fan, so it'll be there if I feel like squinting at these dinky cards before a Switch iteration is made. Never played a game like this before, but I've been interested since I first saw info about it months ago. These points are then spent on increasing the card's strength and HP, adding new abilities or changing its elemental type. A combination of poor luck for me but incredible luck for one of my two computer opponents means no matter how well I do, how perfect my roles of the dice are, I am trapped on that same board for hours because one of the other two fuck it up for me.

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