Sit Down, Magic Maze, Strategy Card Game, Ages 8+, 1-8 Players, 15+ Minutes Playing Time

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Sit Down, Magic Maze, Strategy Card Game, Ages 8+, 1-8 Players, 15+ Minutes Playing Time

Sit Down, Magic Maze, Strategy Card Game, Ages 8+, 1-8 Players, 15+ Minutes Playing Time

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This means there are at most four times during the game when players can decide together about what to do. This game is a favourite at The Treehouse and is pretty much guaranteed to be an exhilarating and high-adrenaline experience. Magic Maze would be fairly easy if communication were allowed to flow freely or if players had all night to solve the puzzle. If you’re unable to help all of the characters get out of the mall before the time runs out, everyone loses. These scenarios will keep the game fresh, especially as players become accustomed to what they need to do.

This cookie is used to a profile based on user's interest and display personalized ads to the users.Each player can only perform actions displayed on their Action Tile, however all players can perform actions at any time. And time is running out – nobody is near an hourglass, and you wasted so much time on this discussion only to have it all fall apart in the first thirty seconds. There are several timer spaces in the mall that, when activated, force the players to flip the timer and pass their action tiles to the left. The Portal player should especially be doing this early on, as they can always portal Purple back to the Start and move it to that first timer space.

You can vary the difficulty with the number of tiles in the maze that you are exploring and during the game the tension is incredible. There’s a number of other small rules about the dwarf moving through certain low arches, the wizard seeing the future tiles, and the barbarian smashing TV cameras – but these are pasted on for complexity and a smidgen more theme. This happens sometimes, as when the heroes are moving in the direction you own, you’re constantly moving them and being active. Fog of Love has a better tutorial, sure, but this is more of a “unlocking modules” as you play through, which keeps the games fresh.If only one player is watching the timer and trying to get other players to take it seriously, even the red “do something” pawn will not save the group. I think the key in each of these examples (and in the examples of other cooperative games I like) is that I like cooperative games with a strong hook, as well as a strong corrective for the problem of “quarterbacking” (or one player taking control over the game, making the other players superfluous). I reviewed Escape: The Curse of the Temple (the game that most people think of when they first see Magic Maze) favorably when it was released, but I have since lost interest in it because frequent play resulted in a kind of rote exercise that made the spark of fun from the early forays and failures disappear. I will say, though, that there seems to be more for players to do and more careful planning required in a four-player game than in a seven-player game. I think though that all that will happen is that my experience would intensify and that’s not an appealing prospect.

This allows you to flip the sand timer over and talk to each other until someone takes the next action. It walks a new group through each rule change, only changing one or two things from round to round, but you can easily tailor it to your group. You may lightly place the pawn when you need someone to get to something but not necessarily immediately. In some ways Magic Maze reminds me of those endlessly tedious memes that get shared around about arithmetic or language or algebra.

In this game players take on the actions available to four heroes who are trying to steal new weapons from a nearby mall and escape with them. Some Action Tiles have more than one symbol; you may use any or all of the Actions pictured on the tile (and honestly should).

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